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Art Direction for the Entertainment Industry


During my time with Awesomeness, I had the honor of leading the design efforts for their network, overseeing a wide range of projects that spanned everything from creating logos for new shows, having a billboard on Times Square - NYC, to developing social media strategies and redesigning the brand itself. With a focus on delivering results and a passion for creative problem-solving, I was able to collaborate closely with the team to bring our vision to life. Beyond my design work, I was also given the freedom to infuse some life and energy into their office space, using my skills to transform white walls into lively and engaging displays. It was a rewarding experience that truly allowed me to showcase the full range of my creative abilities.

Billboard - Times Square NYC
AwesomenessTV - Instagram Feed

Our team was tasked with developing a new brand positioning for AwesomenessTV Network. We approached this challenge using our creativity and design skills to create a unique and memorable brand identity that resonated with audiences. One of the key elements we incorporated into the brand's tone was a commitment to female empowerment, and unique design which helped to distinguish the brand.

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