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As an Art Director, I assist companies in understanding their audience and communicating with their customers in the best possible way. I've created brands and logos for clients such as Universal Studios, but also for small businesses. Always seeking the most effective way to convey the desired message.



At Paquetá, a leading footwear brand in southern Brazil, I designed and produced catalogs, ads, and billboards, aligning with the brand identity. My work introduced new collections for women, men, and children, emphasizing attention to detail and customer resonance.



Valentino's is a bistro located in southern Brazil. The brand aimed to bring classic yet welcoming elements and the colors evoke their natural and fresh products.


As part of our the with Yogurtland, a leading self-serve frozen yogurt franchise in California, we had the exciting opportunity to spearhead their rebranding efforts, develop eye-catching POP displays, and create compelling campaigns to announce new flavors. 


Trampeei is a platform that simplifies the job supply and demand in underserved communities in southern Brazil. This brand was created to attract a young audience looking for employment and developed in partnership with the NGO: Coletivo Autônomo do Morro da Cruz and the Soft Design company, which developed the app.


In my professional role, I specialize in presentation design. I created a marketing case study for Goldsztein Cyrela, a major player in Southern Brazil's real estate market. This project involved curating and presenting results from their recent real estate launch, highlighting its achievements and impact. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, I delivered a comprehensive and impactful presentation that effectively conveyed their initiative's success.


For Virgin Produced, I worked in two projects, including the development of marketing recap and presentation that showcased the brand's content and results.

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